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Gravel-Lok® is a single component, moisture-curing liquid scientifically designed to bond together a wide variety of aggregates to create a permeable pavement. It is manufactured in USA by Cell-Tek Geosynthetics LLC. Simply mix Gravel-Lok® with clean, dry natural pebbles and trowel to a smooth finish. Allow 24 hours to cure and apply a roll coat. Lab testing has shown porosity of bonded stones to be equivalent to that of loose stones which is 20 gallons per minute per square foot. Gravel-Lok® offers an ideal solution for civil, commercial and residential applications when a permeable surface is necessary. It is perfect for pathways, plazas, patios, parking pads, tree pits, french drains, stone scaping, joints, planters, decorative edging, and more!

Cell Tek LLC
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Cell Tek LLC
Cell Tek LLC

The LSG SERIES® Load Support Grid provides superior support to your pavement system. The 3D interconnected cells confine infill materials and spread the load over an extended area which increases the load bearing capacity of various pavement surfaces. Many applications include GRASS PAVING for overflow parking, parking pads, fire truck access, and more. For GRASS PAVING, the cells are filled with a 50/50 mix of topsoil and clean angular stone. Grass roots will be able to grow deep and not be inhibited by a tight cellular structure like other grass paving products on the market. The LSG Series is also much more economical and does not need a base below it. It is an all-in-one system. Unlike other products on the market, shipping costs are very low, up to 3,870 sf ship on a single pallet. The LSG Series makes a great foundation for pavers, gravel, and bonded gravel as well.



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