American Specialty Glass

Make a statement with American Specialty Glass' tumbled glass nuggets and glass rocks. In lieu of ubiquitous bark mulch, glass can provide a striking groundcover. In lieu of stone, glass can provide the permanence you seek. In lieu of earth tone colored rocks, xeriscaping designs can now employ blues and purples and greens. The rainbow of colors available in ASG Glass' products is unprecedented in landscaping applications. Dry riverbeds, fountain accents, flagstone fillers, paver aggregates, and rock gardens. Our standard mixes are especially popular as faux water features. Our standard colors are especially desired in doing something new, something different. Because it's tumbled, the glass won't cut. Because it's 100% recycled, the glass is wildly in demand. Because it's colorful, nearly any design incorporating glass is stunning.

American Specialty Glass
(Landscape / Fire Glass)
829 North 400 West
North Salt Lake, UT 84054 801.294.4222
American Specialty Glass
American Specialty Glass

American Specialty Glass is a direct manufacturer of fireplace glass, landscape glass, terrazzo glass and more. Our glass products are 100% recycled glass and made in the USA. We offer many fire, landscape and terrazzo glass colors and sizes to choose from including premium and classic glass choices. You can also use our fire glass calculator to figure out the amount of glass you will need for your next project. We're located in North Salt Lake, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. We operate several glass melting furnaces and color the glass with our proprietary methods and formulations. We stock significant quantities of standard colors in our warehouse. We're willing to make custom colors given the right quantity and schedule flexibility.We manufacture all of our glass from recycled products and can provide supporting documentation for LEED projects when needed. Mose importantly, we love what we do. We hope it shows through in our glass quality and customer service.



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Contact: Dustin Thornley (Sales Manager)

Telephone: 801.294.4222


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