Anamese Garden & Home

Selecting the right pot for a front porch can be tricky.

At Anamese Garden & Home, we have tips to help you pick the perfect pot that will say, "Welcome!".

Garden & Home
(Eclectic Pottery)
18080 La Motte Road
Welsh, LA 7059
Anamese Garden & Home
Anamese Garden & Home

The heart of Anamese is our passion for bringing unique designs to retail. Over two decades ago, when Nancy LaMotte and Shardel Riley started Anamese, there was a gap in the market. Eclectic pottery was expensive and hard to find. Now we’re a team of six southern women who love to make buying as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have always embraced flexible options that cater to both the smallest boutiques and largest firms equally. Our instinct for hospitality, passion for this business, and attention to detail is more than just company culture, it's our way of life. Our designs are decidedly unique. Knowing we can’t be everything to everybody, we supply pottery for the type of customer who won't be satisfied until they find what they’re looking for. Our highly curated collections have something rare for everyone. We imagine they’re the kinds of pieces people will cherish for a lifetime



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