Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze

Bobbie Carlyle, of Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze, has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that captures the essence of her subject. Indeed, it is work that carries a strong psychological element: dealing with the full spectrum and complexity of emotion, the struggles and triumphs of life. Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze welcomes commissions. Contact Bobbie directly via telephone at 970.622.0213 to discuss your requirements.

1233 N. County Road 29
Loveland, CO 80537
Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze

Bobbie Carlyle could be called the quintessence of a sculptor of our age, crossing two millennia and several decades. The essence of the sculpture of Bobbie Carlyle is captured in the words "bold strength" and "provocative intelligence". She creates sculptures in bronze, all executed with imagination and vitality. Her subjects range from figurative to liturgical, wildlife to western, in sizes from maquette to monumental. Perhaps her best known work is her bronze piece titled "Self Made Man", depicting man carving himself and his future from the raw stone from which he emerges. She excels at getting to the crux of the moment, the inspiration behind the idea, and presenting that in her own dynamic way. Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze welcomes commissions and will work with you directly to create the ideal piece.



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Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze

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