Creative Metalworks, LLC

As an 11-year-old, Creative Metalworks' founder Merrill Denney worked an entire summer at a local hardware store to earn the money to purchase a metallic purple Stingray with a 3-speed shifter, chrome fenders, and whitewall tires. For him, it was was a dream come true. The photograph above is the only record of the day he got his bike. A few months later, however, the bike was stolen outside of a store that had no bike racks. Today, Denney believes that perhaps that event planted (even on a sub-conscious level) the intent in him to someday thwart the attempts of future bike thieves.

Metalworks, LLC

(Bicycle Parking)
PO Box 565
Dayton, OR 97114
Creative Metalworks, LLC
Creative Metalworks, LLC

Since 1995, Creative Metalworks has been designing and building static and kinetic sculptures primarily used for bicycle parking. Creative Metalworks' founder, Merrill Denney, is the originator of creative bike racks in the United States. A cyclist himself, Merrill's interest in bike racks was borne from his personal experience and disappointment in commercially available racks. Installing a piece of functional artwork from Creative Metalworks puts a full-time, low-cost advertisement to work for your business, organization, or region. Our inventive standard designs and custom racks truly meet cyclists' needs for secure, user-friendly parking, while delivering public and private sector customers with racks that are efficient, attractive, and cost-effective.



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