CrysTanium® Gongs

CrysTanium® Gongs titanium gongs’ tones are designed to help clear your mind and refocus attention, no matter where you are in the world. The harmonic tones generated by playing your gong are a direct reflection of the quality of energy you’re giving it. Let the deep, warm tones surround you and feel the reverberation pull your mind into a tunnel of serenity. CrysTanium® Gongs believes in the power of healing vibrations created by music and harmony. Our titanium sound healing gongs are built to support your daily practices of sound therapy, meditation, contemplation, or yoga. These unique titanium gongs are stand-alone works of art that can adorn the finest rooms in any home, office, or hotel. Through proprietary processes, we’ve created artful, one-of-a-kind instruments that are unique in sound and design; the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Discover the crystal clear tonal quality, unalloyed purity of vibration, and ultra resonant sonic sustain of CrysTanium® Gongs.

CrysTanium® Gongs
(Titanium Gongs)
PO Box 5242
Pagosa Springs, CO
CrysTanium® Gongs

Gongs originated some six thousand years ago around 4000 BC. The vibrations they produce are our oldest means of sound healing therapy, ranking it among the top sound vibration activities in the world meant to reduce stress, still the conscious mind, and focus and ascend our sensory currents. While the majority of the world's sound healing gongs are built from bronze and its many alloys, we’ve created a unique process using pure titanium. The relationship between titanium and the human body is a synergistic and harmonious one.The engaging vibrations of the CrysTanium® Gong help to collect and refocus our scattered attention while at the same time expanding our awareness. CrysTanium® Gongs is located in the small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The company is the fruit of four decades of inspired devotion to the art of sound sculpture design and fabrication by acoustic sculptor Ross Barrable. The art that graces each gong is created with love by Karina Silver, an artist in Pagosa Springs.




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Contact: Ross Barrable (Owner / Acoustic Sculptor)


Telephone: 970.946.5879

Email: Ross@HarmonyWindHarps.com

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