Flecks Systems

Deck Flecks®, from Flecks Systems, is a highly U.V. resistant surface perfect for re-surfacing new or old, cracked concrete substrates. Our unique thermoplastic rubber granules combined with our two-part aliphatic urethane binder makes and excellent non-slip, seamless decorative surface which will not fade or crack in extreme temperatures. Deck Flecks® is a durable, aesthetically pleasing surface that remains cooler underfoot than stone or concrete surfaces, making it the perfect choice for pool decks, patios, walkways and much more.

Flecks Systems
(Surfacing Systems)
885 Bangert Blvd
Tom's River, NJ 08757
Flecks Systems

Flecks Systems manufactures surfacing products including Water Flecks®, a long–term surfacing system designed to be used in chlorinated environments, Play Flecks®, our innovative safety surface and Deck Flecks®, a highly U.V. resistant surfacing system ideal for resurfacing old and worn concrete substrates Flecks Systems is committed to providing the training and support needed for our installers to have the tools and skills required to properly install our systems. Flecks Systems is also committed to providing excellent customer service and will continue to raise the bar on industry standards for safe, long-term, environmentally friendly surfaces for playgrounds, waterplay, pool decks and much more.



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