A succulent living wall built using the GrowUp modular green wall system will bring years of pleasure to the owner. Its beautiful honeycomb design will keep your succulent collection healthy and show it off in the best possible way. It is so easy to maintain that it is the ideal, hassle-free green wall solution.

2564 Dogwood Way #102
Vista, CA 92081

As a landscape professional or homeowner, you want to create really beautiful environments. It is now possible to give residential settings a gorgeous greenwall. Bring nature indoors or make boring outdoor spaces interesting with the GrowUp greenwall. Easy to install, easy to maintain, GrowUp's flexible and versatile living green wall system has been developed for indoor or outdoor use and is also suited to high-end decorative installations, high-intensity farming operations, and anything in-between. The system is configurable both in terms of size and sophistication. Whatever your vertical growing requirements, GrowUp has the solution. Contact us for a no commitment consultation on bringing vertical gardens into your world.



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