Hendrickson Bros.

The PR 25-9 Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold, by Hendrickson Bros., converts standard sprays or bubblers to low volume water conserving micro irrigation. Replace an existing sprinkler or bubbler with the PR 25-9 installed on any 1/2" riser or fitting. Separate pressure regulation is not necessary since each PR 25-9 auto- matically reduces inlet pressure. Ideal for planters, patios, or other areas with shrubs, trees or ground cover. The PR 25-9 is especially useful in a confined area where mixed plant materials are present.

Hendrickson Bros.
(Micro Irrigation)
2931 Rimpau Avenue
Corona, CA 92881
Hendrickson Bros.

Welcome to Hendrickson Bros., your source for pressure regulators, flow controls, drip manifolds, hose modulators, and micro irrigation supplies for agricultural, commercial and landscape irrigation. Our products are available through professional irrigation wholesalers worldwide. Our professional quality products, great pricing and excellent service, assure your satisfaction. With our complete product line of pressure regulators, flow controls, hose vacuum breakers and much more! We have been serving the Southern California area since the 1970's. As forerunners in the field of drip irrigation, flow controls, and pressure regulation, the creators continue to be actively involved in the research and development of efficient water use products for residential and agricultural applications, with many patented products being used worldwide.



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