LumberCon USA

LumberCon™ is a lightweight concrete deck plank that can be cut and installed like wood planks. It will span 3 times longer than wood, requiring fewer structural joists for support. It is more durable than wood, especially in harsh environments such as those near water or fire hazards. Plain or wood grained planks come in natural concrete gray, will hold stain and paint finishes for years, and will not burn, rot, warp, rust, delaminate or splinter.

LumberCon USA
(Concrete Planks)
3510 West Main Street
Belleville, PA 17004
LumberCon USA
LumberCon USA

LumberCon USA is a specially reinforced concrete plank that can be used and handled like lumber. Some of the common uses for the planks include decking, boardwalks, docks, marinas, landscape timber, replacement for metal pans used when pouring concrete, pedestrian bridges, or any construction project where extra durability, resistance to a harsh environment, or fire protection is needed. LumberCon has a greater span capacity than wood lumber of equal size and will not burn, rot, warp, rust, delaminate or splinter. It does not require chemical treatment for insects, ground contact, or below grade uses. While there are many green guideline programs in the building industry, all share the goal of building a more efficient, healthier building environment. LumberCon USA is committed to helping you build better, more sustainable projects.



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