McNear Brick & Block

McNear Brick & Block's interlocking paving stones are renowned for their rich color blends and beautiful finishes. Our paving stones come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and stone textures, and are complemented by design details such as circle kits, pool copings, and 1-inch veneers. Whether you prefer an Old World look or a clean, modern design, McNear Brick & Block has crafted interlocking paving stones that fit your personal style.

McNear Brick & Block
(Clay Products)
1 McNear Brickyard Road
San Rafael, CA 94901
McNear Brick & Block
McNear Brick & Block

McNear Brick has been manufacturing brick on the shores of San Francisco Bay since 1868. The days of horse and sail are now long gone, but our bricks still retain their handmade appearance, and are used in historic neighborhoods and restoration projects across the country. Our Sandmold Series of paving bricks offers many colors, and can be used in either mortared applications, or sand-set as interlocking pavers. McNear was an early-adopter of Thin Brick revolution, and this newest family of brick shapes has much to offer in landscape architecture. Thin brick can be used to veneer site walls, and can also be used on pavements and stairs. This construction technique marries the strength and efficiency of concrete with the timeless beauty of our bricks.



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Telephone: 888.442.6811


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