National Recreation Systems

National Recreation Systems' Portable Bleachers include the "Tip N' Roll" Series as well as Transportable Series. Both present a great solution if your seating area has to be moved between multiple locations. Portable Bleacher is a term used to describe angle frame bleachers constructed to be mobile bleachers on wheels. Portable Bleachers are designed to be moved around your court or athletic field to provide auxiliary seating for your spectators. We offer two types of portable bleachers, a Tip N’ Roll series, and a Transportable series. The Tip N’ Roll bleachers do exactly what their name implies, tip and roll, while transportable series are made to be moved with a light tractor.

National Recreation

(Aluminum Bleachers)
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National Recreation Systems
National Recreation Systems

National Recreation Systems is an industry leader in aluminum bleacher design, manufacturing, and project management, providing quality innovative seating solutions through a nationwide dealer network and a nearly 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Find our bleachers at Universities, High Schools, Race Tracks, Parks, Ball Field Diamonds in every state and numerous countries across the world. Our bleacher systems, press boxes, picnic tables, and benches have become the industry benchmarks. We provide unsurpassed service to our customers with fast, accurate shipments of quality aluminum bleachers, aluminum benches, and aluminum picnic tables, all at affordable prices. Let us help you with all your spectator seating needs.



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