New England Architectural Center

The New England Architectural Center has New England's largest supply of reclaimed bluestone for a variety of uses. In the past, this vintage bluestone has been used for sidewalks, walls and buggy steps. We deliver to you anywhere in the United States.

Howe Ave. / The Hedges
Newport, RI 02840
New England Architectural Center
New England Architectural Center

The New England Architectural Center is the largest supplier of reclaimed bluestone sidewalk and curbing material in the United States. The rarest and most desirable reclaimed bluestone was quarried in the 1800's in New York State. We at NEAC scour the New York countryside searching and harvesting hand-cut and hand-quarried bluestone from this period. Our reclaimed vintage bluestone products are not only the best but the most beautiful! The chisel marks, hand feathered edges and time worn surfaces are impossible to replicate at any price. We have been fortunate in locating bluestone from 2 ft. wide up to 12 ft. wide, with lengths running 2 ft. long to 10 ft. long. The most common sizes being 4 ft. & 5 ft. pieces from 19th century sidewalks. Our bluestone curbing also offers the same hand-carved beauty and one-of-a-kind uniqueness. The New England Architectural Center will deliver your bluestone to you anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to hear about the history and desirability of our stone! Start creating the most beautiful patios, walkways, and historic recreations, and take a piece of history with you today.



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