NewLite Specialty Products, LLC

NewLite’s Q-Loc™ Lighting Connector was designed specifically to make your lighting jobs cleaner, easier to install, and more reliable. Use with the revolutionary NewLite Q-Strip Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Stripper, which makes electrical projects easy and more efficient. Whether you’re a professional or the DIY type, you will find that the Q-Strip makes it easy to switch between different sized wires without slowing down.

Sacramento, California
NewLite Specialty Products, LLC

Our focus at NewLite began over seven years ago as a way to provide affordable LED replacement lamps to the landscape market. Since then, we have expanded our focus to hardscape and specialty lighting, and now to specialty products. With that we rebranded to NewLite Specialty Products. The specialty products soon became our Q-Products (short for Quick Product). Each are designed to make the end user's projects easy and quick. We still pride ourselves for providing LED products at an affordable price, but now there is far more we can do. We invite you to view our Q-Products now and let us know your thoughts.



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