LaSorgente Glass Studio

WaterOrbs™ & Hanging Orbs are unique alternatives to the LaSorgente Glass Studio's standard NightOrbs™.Whether you want to display a WaterOrb in a pond, or hang one from a cable, you can pick a custom gazing globe to illuminate any scene.

(Blown Glass Lights)
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LaSorgente Glass Studio
LaSorgente Glass Studio

NightOrbs™ are hand blown glass balls suited for a variety of settings, including gardens and patios. LaSorgente Glass Studio hand makes NightOrbs™ using a process of glass blowing and color application that we have refined over years. These hand blown glass balls are both durable and beautiful. Hand blown NightOrbs™ come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of settings and uses. These are not just gorgeous art glass balls but are garden lights that provide color and contrast to any garden. NightOrbs™ come in a standard size of 8 inches, standard color patterns inspired by the planets, custom colors, and egg and sphere shapes. NightOrbs™ glass balls are also available in larger custom sizes of 13 and 18 inches. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. NightOrbs™ are our passion, and we would love to discuss the endless possibilities of these unique hand blown glass balls.



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