Palapa Structures

Mexican Palm Thatch, also known as, tiki roofing, thatch roofing, palm roofing, mexican rain cape thatch or grass roofing, is available from Palapa Structures in round or square panels. Shaggy in appearance, they create an instant tropical look. The underside is an attractive diamond woven pattern.
Sitting under a palm palapa will instantly make you feel as if you're on a beautiful tropical beach. There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation at home!

Palapa Structures
(Tiki Hut Kits)
5390 E Los Angeles Ave B
Somis, CA 93066
Palapa Structures
Palapa Structures

Since 2003, Palapa Structures has become a trusted name in Palapa and Tiki Hut Kit sales and manufacturing in the US. We strive for excellence by using the highest quality material and constantly search for new and innovative material to improve our products. Even though Palapa Structures offers products for sale all over the US, we have a neighborhood feel. Our team is very personable and excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order please feel free to contact us via telephone or email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away. Give us a call today to access our knowledgeable insight and professional advice.



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