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If there is a single visual element that can influence the design of a wayfinding program, it is the map. Most any park has an obstructed view of the entire space is well served with a map designed to define the space. For larger facilities, a well-designed map clearly differentiating vehicular circulation routes and pedestrian paths and trails, and identifying facilities and points of interest provides a great service to the park visitor. Above are samples of maps designed as part of sign standards programs developed by Terrabilt. Each emphasizes a specific functional goal but the approach to design as described above is incorporated in each.

Terrabilt, Inc.
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Terrabilt, Inc.

Terrabilt, Inc. creates sign structures that clearly enhance the visitor experience through identification, wayfinding, orientation, interpretation, instruction and information for parks, trails and preserves and more. Clear and consistent guidance, orientation and general information at a park entrance welcomes visitors and introduces the park’s trails, resources and basic rules. Signage at campgrounds, trailheads, water access points, etc. in a well-designed system becomes the park brand and packaging of the resource. Terrabilt offers 18 structure types in a variety of sizes. Sign programs utilize different structure types that build upon modular panel displays and site-specific applications. Terrabilt builds green. Conservation is part of everything we do. Our structures use reclaimed material and are recyclable – and are rated for 50 years with little maintenance, and no harmful off-gassing or soil contamination.



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Terrabilt, Inc.

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