Traditional Systems, Mfg., Inc.

The xTrax tool, from Transitional Systems Mfg, Inc., helps you change sprinkler heads in minutes. No digging. No mess. Replace a sprinkler head in less than a minute without breaking a sweat. Made for Professionals. Stainless Steel Design - Built to Last
(looks great too!)

Systems Mfg., Inc.

(Irrigation Repair Prod.)
PO Box 359
Browns Valley, CA 95918
Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.
Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.

Are you looking for a better way to repair your sprinkler irrigation systems? Well, there are four. And you just found them!! For over 25 years, Transitional Systems Mfg., Inc.'s irrigation repair products have been proving themselves time and time again. From repairing broken valve wires to adding stations to your controller, we can help you get your sprinkler irrigation systems repaired and back up and running fast! We appreciate what it means for you to trust a product enough to take the time to install it. That's why we take the time and make the effort to ensure that each product is built to our highest standards. Each one of our products is built with the utmost care and every single unit is tested before it leaves our facility so that we can be sure it works the first time…and every time.



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