AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators

Ultimax® Aeration Systems by, AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators, provide horizontal circulation of water and oxygen at or below the surface. Powered by our exclusive submerged electric motor, the specifically designed propeller circulates water directionally. Available in mixer, aspirator, surface float, or bottom fixed base versions.

16024 County Rd X
Kiel, WI 53042
AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators
AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators

At AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators, we design and build the highest quality equipment for the care and improvement of pond, lake, or other aquatic environments. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and assistance to our customers. AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators are available in both 60 and 50 Hz, from ½ HP to 25 HP, in which ever voltage is required. With thousands of successful projects around the world, we know you'll be pleased with your AquaMaster® Fountains and/or Aerators' performance in your lake or pond. Our Commitment to Excellence in designing, building and delivering Superior Aquatic Management Systems is the key to your success. Choose the industry leader for quality and dependable Fountains and Aerators for all your aquatic requirements. Let us help you Master the Power and Beauty of Water.



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