Hilfiker Retaining Walls

Of the Hilfiker systems, the Welded Wire Wall is the most economical and adaptable to a variety of site conditions. Welded wire mats are used to reinforce the soil, providing the tensile strength to make the compacted soil into a stable structure. The face of the wall can either be designed as battered, vertical, or cantilever walls; left exposed, vegetated, or covered with a concrete skin or blown mortar (gunite). Hilfiker was the first manufacturer to incorporate the wall face and soil reinforcing mechanism as one unit. The reinforcement mats "stand alone," and are ready to backfill once in place. Unlike competitors' products, they require no extra external bracing or internal supports. Lightweight Welded Wire Wall components require a minimum of labor and equipment for installation.

Retaining Walls

(Retaining Wall Systems)
1902 Hilfiker Lane
Eureka, CA 95503
Hilfiker Retaining Walls
Hilfiker Retaining Walls

Reinforced soil retaining walls represent an innovative method of resolving challenging problems. Instead of regarding soil as a mass to be contained by force, the earth itself is reinforced to become an integral part of the structure. The resulting structure is strong, yet resilient. Hilfiker Retaining Walls designed and patented the Welded Wire Wall in the early 1970's and has since supplied over 7,000 projects throughout the United States, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia, Siberia and South America. Our other wall systems were a natural evolution of the Welded Wire Wall. Whether your project could benefit from the use of our Welded Wire Wall, SpiralNail, Reinforced Soil Embankment Panel, Steepened Slope, Eureka Reinforced Soil, Gabion-Faced M.S.E., or ArtWeld Gabions, we will provide the level of support you request.




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