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Mutt Mitt® established 1989, is the oldest supplier of dog waste stations and dog waste bags in the USA. Our pet waste stations are field proven for the past 28 years. We know, from real experience, how to build a dog waste station that lasts. There are thousands of Mutt Mitt® dog waste stations in use, nationwide, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for managing dog waste and increasing clean-up compliance. When you select a pet waste station made by Mutt Mitt®, you're getting our 28 years of know-how in each station.

Mutt Mitt
(Pet Pollution Solutions)
12316 World Trade Drive
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Intelligent Products, Inc.
Intelligent Products, Inc.

The idea of the Mutt Mitt originated when a park employee was observed picking up dog waste in preparation for an outdoor event. Our inventor thought "there should be a better way to do that", and hence Mutt Mitts were born. The first Mutt Mitt was sold in 1989. Throughout our years of experience, we have continuously improved our products. Mutt Mitts help protect watersheds. A watershed is an area of land from which water drains into a common waterway. Pet waste increases the amount of nutrients in the water which throws the ecosystem out of balance resulting in excessive algae growth and fish die-offs. Mutt Mitts are sold online at our online store. You can also find them in parks and trails throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). With our customized printing service we can also create custom Mutt Mitts with any logo or message.



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