PRO Barrier Engineering, LLC

With some vehicle barrier companies rainwater drainage is an afterthought, resulting in insufficient water capacity, inadequate number of clean-outs, and little thought given to directing the water that is collected. Such inattention to detail can seriously compromise vehicle barrier performance. In contrast to this, the PRO-Drain™rainwater collection and discharge system, by PRO Barrier Engineering, LLC, is integral to the design of our Arrestor model barrier. Each Arrestor has eight separate drains that feed into a larger diameter cross drain that is sized for local rainwater conditions. The cross drain carries the water to the field drain.

PRO Barrier
Engineering, LLC

(Vehicle Barriers)
100 Brown Street, #24
Middletown, PA 17057
PRO Barrier Engineering, LLC
PRO Barrier Engineering, LLC

PRO Barrier Engineering LLC is a U.S.-based company that designs and builds anti-terrorism vehicle barriers. Our designs have been installed at hundreds of commercial and government buildings, military installations, industrial sites, and public venues around the world. Our niche is high-stopping-power barriers employing advanced materials and aesthetic designs. Whether it is manufacturing our own barriers or providing behind-the-scenes engineering services to other manufacturers, we have been responsible for many of the industry's design innovations, including the first portable barrier, first aluminum barrier, first non-metallic barrier... and more.



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