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Landscape Radio is a new podcast network, featuring long-form conversations with distinguished landscape industry professionals worldwide.

Innovative Designs & Manufacturing

Innovative Designs & Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in custom fabrication. We employ our manufacturing capabilities to suit the individual customer as well as provide an extensive line of industry standard products. We work with landscape architects and designers to customize products to fit their vision.

D&D Technologies

The LockkLatch line, by D&D Technologies, has a model for every gate material and most applications. Whether you need a general-purpose latch for a garden gate or a self-locking version for apartments and commercial properties, LokkLatch is the answer.

The Brookfield Company

The Brookfield Company's planters are cast of fiber reinforced concrete. This material has great weather resistance, less porosity and greater flexibility than other materials, thus allowing these planters to be used outdoors indefinitely in virtually any climate or location. An applied surface, such as paint, will adhere dependably to Brookfield planters. Planters are available in a variety of colors and finishes; many are also available with a textured surface.

Drainage Products, Inc.

Allen Ventures heavy-duty recycled plastic picnic tables hold up under the most demanding conditions, and because they're made from recycled materials they are environmentally friendly. No need to paint, stain, or maintain these picnic tables year after year. Allen Ventures has a wide range of models, styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any setting.

Drainage Products, Inc.

DRAIN AWAY™ Panel Drain is a prefabricated geocomposite drain consisting of a double-sided formed polystyrene core covered on both sides with a non-woven geotextile and includes a sleeve to insert a perforated pipe. DRAIN AWAY™ Panel Drains utilized on foundations establishes effective drainage and waterproofing of walls eliminating hydrostatic pressure buildup that would eventually penetrate the foundation walls and create a moisture-laden environment.

Bollard Solutions

Bollard Solutions' Deco Bollard Sleeve, Metro Bollard Sleeve, and Sloped Bollard Sleeve (¼”polyethylene thermoplastic covers) are a low-cost way to dress up any standard 6 inch steel pipe bollard. These bollard sleeves are designed to last for many years, and never need maintenance.

Environmental Specialty Products

Sequoia Fencing, from Environmental Specialty Products, is incredibly durable, 100% HDPE fence and rail available in embossed-grain pattern and more than ten colors. Attractive for decades, Sequoia Fencing is LEED accredited and resistant to marine borers, termites and fungus.

Scott Aerator Co. LLC

The “North Star” Fountain Aerator, by Scott Aerator, is the perfect addition to any pond or lake when a prestigious appearance is desired, yet water quality is also a concern. The stately appearance of the “North Star” combines a visually appealing water feature with a powerful, vibrant water aerator, which will assist in controlling algae growth and in promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc.

Perma-Bead® Aquatic Filtration Media, from Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc., are specifically designed sinking beads to replace sand in any sand filter media system. There are no plumbing changes needed. Perma-Beads® Aquatic Filtration Media eliminate clogging, compaction and channeling in any size, make or model
sand filter.

Grind To A Halt, Inc.

GrinderMinders, from Grind To A Halt, Inc., are a sleek, attractive and extremely durable defense against skateboarding damage.

Sunperk Site Furnishings

Sunperk Site Furnishings manufactures and supplies durable, elegant and high quality outdoor benches that are specially designed for commercial, industrial and public sectors. A durable outdoor recycled plastic bench can enhance the beauty of any outdoor spaces, from personal garden to business buildings, from shopping centers to public parks.

Green Seasons Nursery

Green Seasons Nursery is a wholesale nursery whose horticulturists specialize in hardy, salt tolerant, coastal species and robust upland shrubs and grasses. We provide horticultural expertise to facilitate the propagation of diverse genus and species intended for re-colonization. Green Seasons Nursery was one of the first to grow sea oats and we are currently the only supplier of a number of coastal species.

The Chandler Company
(Fiberglass Planters)
2621 South Birch Street
Santa Ana, CA 92707
The Chandler Company
The Chandler Company

Fiberglass planters and fiberglass planter liners are manufactured by The Chandler Company for the commercial architectural trade. In addition to our standard line of over 50 styles of site-furnishing fiberglass planters, urns, bowls and trash/ash receptacles, we offer custom designs as well. Our lightweight fiberglass planters and planter liners are designed for rooftop planting, parking structures, pedestrian bridges, retail shopping malls, universities, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, theme parks etc. We also manufacture fiberglass architectural features – columns, cornices, exterior trim etc. for the commercial, general contractor trade.
221 Carolina Farms Blvd. Carolina Shores, NC 800.526.1322
Best Litter Receptacles, Inc.
Best Litter Receptacles, Inc.

Best Litter Receptacles, Inc. sells a variety of quality trash and ash receptacles. Our receptacles are constructed from various materials to fit your design needs, such as solid concrete, plastic, and metal . We have been providing waste receptacles for all types of locations and applications since 1986. We are a woman owned, small business, located in Carolina Shores, NC. Since the inception of the company in 1986, we have been providing a wide range of trash and ash receptacles to customers all over the U.S. These customers include universities, cities, parks, schools, theme parks, and individual businesses. We have shipped to government and military installations throughout the world since 1987 through our GSA contract.
Garden Arc
(Organic Site Structures)
165 Meserole Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Garden Arc
Garden Arc

Garden Arc is a New York State based company which designs and builds garden furniture, gazebos, pool houses and cabanas. Garden Arc is a mixture of European and North American Organic Architecture, using the most sustainable building material: Wood. Our goal is to improve backyard and outdoor experiences with sustainable, ECO-friendly, beautiful design. Garden Arc's Tamas Fodor started learning about and working with wood at the very early age of 14 at the Vocational High School of Wood Industry in Budapest, Hungary. He chose to continue his studies in Wood Science and Architecture at the University of Forest and Wood Engineering in Sopron, Hungary. After graduating, he worked in Frankfurt, Germany for a year as a furniture maker. After moving to New York City, it became clear to Tamas that  there was a need for Organic Architecture.
Seco South, Inc.
(Stainless Cable & Railing)
2111 34th Way
Largo, FL 33771
Seco South, Inc.

Seco South, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the wildest range of stainless steel cable & strand assemblies and hardware nationwide. Our landscape architectural, architectural and sructural products include Stainless Steel Railing Systems, Stainless Steel Cable Trellises and Cable Handrail Assemblies. These architectural and structural elements demonstrate some of the new, unconventional uses for cables and systems incorporating them. In each of these applications, cable is used in place of the more obtrusive bars or rods seen in older systems. This results in easier installation and a more attractive finished product than could be achieved with alternatives. All Seco South, Inc. stainless steel cables and fittings are manufactured from the highest quality marine grade Type 316 stainless steel, which eliminates the need for expensive paint systems and reduces mainteneance costs as well.
One Hollywood Avenue
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423
Atomizing Systems, Inc.
Atomizing Systems, Inc.

Atomizing Systems, Inc.'s unique, patented Cold Fog® system is a completely self-contained system capable of generating man-made water fog for humidification, fog effects in the landscape, cooling, special effects, industrial processing, agricultural, dust suppression, humidity control and other applications. Our quality is based on the custom build of one-of-a-kind fog systems. Long term success through customer satisfaction is our goal and predicated on the pursuit of quality, everyone’s participation and value to society. A ColdFog® system is a completely self-contained system complete with pump, motor, water filters, control panel, nozzles, tubing, operating manual and water treatment package. Working pressure is 400-3200 psi (adjustable). Atomizing Systems, Inc. offers the world’s only patented ruby-orifice fog nozzles in nine diameters, enabling precise flows and predictable fog for your applications.
Nana Wall
Systems, Inc.

(Folding Glass Walls)
100 Meadowcreek Dr. 250
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Nana Wall Systems, Inc.
Nana Wall Systems, Inc.

At first glance, the NanaWall® looks like a wall of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, but that's where the similarity ends. Each panel is articulated on a hidden overhead track, and the panels themselves can quickly and easily open and stow away out of sight, creating breathtaking open-air vistas. With straight or curved layouts, along with hundreds of colors, finishes, and configurations at your disposal, there are virtually no limits when it comes to designing with the NanaWall®. You’ll love our design-to-build support. We connect with landscape architects at the project’s earliest stages, and take the time to understand your design intent. That lets us follow your lead to solve any complex challenges, then respond with drawings and animations that bring a solution to life. It’s an upfront professional courtesy, free of obligation, which we extend to customers across North and Central America.
Woven Earth, LLC
Anchor Stakes)
25215 Fairgreen
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Woven Earth, LLC
Woven Earth, LLC

Woven Earth is a company dedicated to looking back to move forward. We take environmentally friendly ideas that have been used for centuries and introduce a modern take. The result is a product that performs just as well, or better, than equivalents. We produce biodegradable landscape and erosion control products made with natural materials, with little to no carbon emissions. Our current portfolio includes a convenient mulch mat, which can also be used for erosion control, and biodegradable anchor stakes (also known as pins). The stakes can also be used to anchor other types of erosion control blanket, sod, or weed bloc.
CycleSafe, Inc.
(Secure Bike Parking)
5211 Cascade Rd. SE #210
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
CycleSafe, Inc.

CycleSafe Inc. provides innovative and durable bicycle parking products that offer the longest product life in the industry. Solutions include short and long-term security to promote cycling and healthy communities. Structural composite bicycle lockers provide long-term security with options that include digital access, online management, storage bins, display panels, view thru doors, or double tier capacity. A full line of decorative bike racks offer short-term solutions, from classic to vintage or custom designs. High-density bike racks suitable for parking garages or CycleSafe shelters can be combined to create ideal storage for bike rooms or bike stations providing both long and short-term bike parking.
Products, LLC

(Black Vinyl Fence)
1325 Marietta Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98226

BLACKLineHHP is the first black vinyl fence and black vinyl railing system that is designed for high temperature performance. Previous dark colored plastic fence materials have not had the advantage of our unique high temperature thermoplastic formulations which eliminate the sag and distortion tendencies often found in other dark plastic fencing products. Additionally, our knowledge base relating to color stability of black thermoplastic material has allowed us to formulate a black fencing and railing product without fading or chalking issues. The secret is using the right colorant in the right amounts, along with UV inhibitors making fading and chalking a non-issue. The combination of heat and color stability makes BLACKLineHHP a unique performer in the world of dark colored fencing materials.
StressCrete Group
(Spun Concrete Poles)
9200 Energy Lane
Northport, AL 35476
StressCrete Group
StressCrete Group

Established in 1953, StressCrete Group is the oldest, most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America producing an extensive line of ornamental and street lighting standards, power distribution and transmission poles, sports lighting poles, as well as a line of specialty poles which are ideally suited for camera and solar applications as well high-mast lighting. We also manufacture high-quality decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, fabricated metal poles, arms, and site furnishings under the King Luminaire name. Our LED lighting product line consists of state-the-art pendants and post top luminaires that have excellent heat control, outstanding optical performance, and effectively address environmental concerns such as glare and energy usage. The group is composed of six operating companies, with manufacturing facilities in five North American locations. We have and continue to see vibrant growth through Gold Standard customer service and product quality, as well as developing innovative and adaptive products for the lighting and pole industries.
Irrometer Company, Inc.
(Soil Moisture Sensors)
1425 Palmyrita Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507
Irrometer Company, Inc.
Irrometer Company, Inc.

The IRROMETER Company has been in business since 1951, manufacturing soil moisture measuring, controlling, and sampling instruments used worldwide for scheduling irrigation. Principal brand names are IRROMETER (Tensiometer) and WATERMARK (electrical resistance granular matrix sensor).The use of soil moisture based irrigation scheduling has been proven an efficient way to deliver irrigation water for agriculture, nursery/greenhouse and landscape/urban irrigation. Further, the instrumentation can be used for controlling automatic irrigation systems and signaling for data logging systems and inputs to weather stations.
Kay Park Recreation
(Site Furnishings)
1301 Pine Street
Janesville, IA 50647
Kay Park Recreation

Kay Park Recreation has been a manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture since 1954. We offer a large selection of park and playground equipment and commercial grade site furnishings, including outdoor tables, grills, benches, trash containers, drinking fountains, planters, umbrellas, bollards, shade canopies and bike racks. Kay Park Recreation has a complete line of bleachers and grandstands, as well as some outdoor athletic equipment and play systems. Please browse through our selection and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Coverall Stone Inc.
(Natural Stone Fabricator)
19050 13th Pl. S. #102
SeaTac, WA 98148
Coverall Stone Inc.
Coverall Stone Inc.

Coverall Stone Inc. is a full-service stone fabricator specializing in functional and custom stone design. We work closely with landscape architects, designers & contractors to bring their projects to realization. We stock a full line of stone fountains, placement pieces and specialty stone creations. In addition to our stone fabrication, we are among the leaders in the manufacture and distribution of landscape materials, including decorative pebbles, beach glass & pebble tile. We operate an integrated transportation system that can promptly ship orders anywhere in North America and beyond. Our national pallet rates allow us to economically ship smaller orders, while our flatbed/intermodal division offers competitive full-truck pricing.
Lake Fountains & Aeration
(Fountains & Aerators)
1305 Central Park Drive Sanford, FL 32771 800.353.5253
Lake Fountains & Aeration
Lake Fountains & Aeration

Lake Fountains & Aeration is headquartered in Sanford, FL near Orlando. We are one of the largest manufacturers of high quality and reliable floating fountains for lakes and ponds. Our floating fountains typically come in horsepower from 1/3 to 40 HP and a variety of spray heights from 3’ to 60’ or more. We utilize submersible water pumps rather than propellers, resulting in a much greater availability of spray patterns and spray heights. There are many options for 120 volt lighting packages including a variety of lens colors and wattages. Our high quality control panels are matched exactly to the pump and lighting system. Other options include wind level controls, sequential lighting and multi-pump displays. Our fountains can be shipped anywhere in the United States and are easy to install.
Pioneer Bridges
(Pedestrian Bridges)
119 40th Street NE
Fort Payne, AL 35967
Pioneer Bridges
Pioneer Bridges

Pioneer Bridges are perfect for hiking/biking trails, golf courses, highway overpasses, industrial conveyor/pipe supports and vehicular bridges (one or two lane). From small garden bridges in your backyard and private driveway bridges to long clear span pedestrian bridges spanning wetlands and heavy highway loadings required by the construction industry, Pioneer has the right bridge for any project. Every Pioneer Bridge is designed and constructed with safety as the ultimate value. Safe, durable, affordable... and beautiful. Pioneer Bridges fit naturally and attractively in any environment. Give us a call today.
Hauser Industries, Inc.
(Site Furniture)
330 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario, CA
800.268.7328 Ext. 258
Hauser Industries, Inc.
Hauser Industries, Inc.
Established in 1949, Hauser Industries, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom furniture solutions providing a broad catalog of high quality outdoor furnishings and commercial amenities. Serving the architectural and design community and customers throughout the world, our products are manufactured to exceed the requirements for extended use in a wide range of environments. We have installations on many continents and we are recognized for quality, reliability and design flexibility. Hauser Site Furnishings are manufactured to withstand the outdoor elements in public environments. We utilize multiple systems of protection and corrosion prevention to ensure product durability in both warm and cold climates. From streetscape to parkland, hotel to office and retail to healthcare, we are the furniture partner of choice for architects, municipalities, institutions and commercial customers.
Tree Stake Solutions LLC
(Underground Tree
Staking Systems)
9973 FM 521 Road
Rosharon, TX 77583
Tree Stake Solutions LLC
Tree Stake Solutions LLC

The ROOT ANCHOR™ Underground Tree Staking System by Tree Stake Solutions installs in seconds to create a professional sub-surface tree support secured deep into undisturbed soil. Its patented design prevents tree trunk damage and reduces future maintenance costs and liability. Make your landscapes beautiful and safe on Day One! It can be quickly and easily installed by centering the ring over the surface of the root ball then driving the three stakes outside the root ball and into the undisturbed earth below the hole. The resulting underground cage will allow the young roots to develop in a stable environment while holding the transplanted tree upright during high winds.
Dolphin WaterSlides, Inc.
(Custom Designed Slides)
PO Box 486
Adamsville, TN 38310
Dolphin WaterSlides, Inc.
Dolphin WaterSlides, Inc.

When only the best will do, you want custom fiberglass water slides from Dolphin WaterSlides! With years of experience, Dolphin WaterSlides has been providing its customers with the finest custom in ground swimming pool slides in the industry. Upgrade your swimming pool with a custom fiberglass water slide from Dolphin WaterSlides. Unlike traditional water slides, fiberglass water slides are easily installed and usually last longer than most other slides. Your home and property are an investment, so when it comes time to upgrade, it only makes sense to go with the best. Add overall value to your home and property and give your family something that they can enjoy for years to come.
ReCon Retaining
Wall Systems, Inc.

(Retaining Wall Systems)
7600 W. 27th St. #229
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
ReCon Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.
ReCon Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.

ReCon Retaining Walls are high performance retaining wall systems with the look, scale and durability of massive natural stone. ReCon precast retaining walls are fast becoming the product of choice for a wide variety of commercial, residential and institutional retaining walls and demanding water applications. Critical, substantial retaining walls must perform to high standards and the demands of difficult terrain. A retaining wall system needs to be versatile and flexible in order to accommodate the unique needs of each particular project site. Retaining walls should enhance the aesthetics of the natural surroundings and add value to a property. Check out our website! Learn more about how ReCon Retaining Walls and our licensed retaining wall producers can assist in solving difficult site-grading challenges.
Scott Aerator Co. LLC
(Aerators & Fountains)
13245 Barry Street
Holland, MI 49424
Scott Aerator Co. LLC
Scott Aerator Co. LLC

Scott Aerator Company has been manufacturing and providing world class pond aeration systems, water fountains, de-icers, weed, algae and muck control products and fountain accesories for over forty five years. Our philosophy is simple: produce products using superior materials and components so our fountains, aerators and de-icers work better and last longer. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, near Grand Rapids, Scott Aerator, a family owned business, provides you with a convenient source for tested and proven American manufactured fountains and water aerators - guaranteed.
Solar Shade USA, LLC
(Shade Structures)
7606 N. 14th Street
Rich Hill, MO 64779
Solar Shade USA, LLC
Solar Shade USA, LLC
Solar Shade USA, LLC is a design/build manufacturer of standard and custom tensioned membrane shade structures for residential and commercial applications. We specialize in both HDPE shade mesh and PVC architectural membrane. From conceptual design through engineering, fabrication and installation, Solar Shade USA, LLC has established a reputation in the fabric architecture industry for quality, service and reliability. Solar Shade USA, LLC was established in 2003 by a team of experienced professionals to meet the growing demand for a responsive, customer friendly shade structure company which offered products that are technically functional, architecturally distinctive and easy to install. Since then, Solar Shade USA, LLC has enjoyed a growing number of loyal customers that recognize the many benefits our products provide.
Otterbine Barebo, Inc.
(Fountains & Aerators)
3840 Main Road East Emmaus, PA 18049 800.237.8837
Otterbine Barebo, Inc.
Otterbine Barebo, Inc.

Otterbine is the only manufacturer of lake and pond products that goes to the extremes of having its aerating fountains, industrial aerators, fountains and lighting systems safety tested and approved as a complete package. Water quality management is a matter of pride at Otterbine Barebo. Family owned and operated, Otterbine has been leading the world in pond and lake management for more than 50 years. Whether it's the pond in your backyard, irrigation pond on a golf course or farm, detention pond in your community - anywhere you are looking to improve your water quality and perhaps create some aesthetic appeal we have a solution for you!
Diamond Spas, Inc.
(Pools & Spas)
4409 Coriolis Way
Frederick, CO 80504
Diamond Spas, Inc.
Diamond Spas, Inc.
Diamond Spas, Inc. manufacturers custom stainless steel and copper spas, swimming pools, glass walled pools and spas, swim spas, energy efficient portable spas, cold therapy pools, water features and luxury custom indoor and outdoor bath fixtures built to client specifications at our facility in Colorado. Diamond Spas has one of the best pool and spa engineering teams in the industry. We have the ability to fabricate multiple pool and spa seating arrangements, waterfalls, water features, varied depth seating areas, cooldown areas, vanishing edges, acrylic / glass walls and panels, interior stairways, automatic safety covers, LED lighting, and custom equipment packages that can all be engineered to accommodate the client’s preferences. Diamond Spas specializes in rooftop pool and spa installations. Stainless steel and copper are lightweight and durable. Diamond Spas has been catering to upscale residential, commercial and hospitality markets across the globe since 1996.
Carl Stahl DécorCable
(Green Wall Systems)
8080 S. Madison Street
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Carl Stahl DecorCable, Inc.

X-TEND® CXS NEO Balustrade Infill Kits from Carl Stahl DécorCable are available in 50’ or 100’ rolls of AISI 316 ss mesh and will accommodate inside railing infill heights of 30.5”to 33” and 37.5” to 41”. The 1.5mm x 60mm mesh is code compliant and climb resistant. X-TEND® CXS NEO can be installed into any guardrail system. It can be oxidized to a charcoal black matte finish. X-TEND® CXS NEO Balustrade Infill Kits are in stock and ready to ship. Kit includes everything you need for a fast and easy field installation. The only tools required: wire cutters and pliers.
Historic Shed™
(Period Outbuildings)
212 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Brooksville, FL 34601
Historic Shed™
Historic Shed™
Historic Shed™ was founded by the historic preservation professionals at Preservation Resource, Inc. to meet the needs of historic home owners for affordable and attractive additional space that complements and enhances their historic property. At Historic Shed™, we want every product to demonstrate our commitment to historic preservation principles, craftsmanship and proper use of traditional materials and details. Each Historic Shed™ is designed to meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements. Historic Shed™ produces its products in a controlled manufacturing environment to your specifications, and then delivers and installs the completed product, fully painted, to your site ready for use. A dedicated in-house professional preservation designer customizes each Historic Shed™ to complement any historic building. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about traditional details and design.
Gothicstone Collection
(Natural Stone)
Service Area
Gothicstone Collection
Gothicstone Collection

The Gothicstone Collection, one of the most diverse and eclectic collections of the world’s most beautiful travertine, marble, limestone and our "new" Zebstone (Zero Energy Building Stone). Founder, Karl Mangialardi, aka "The Stonehunter" has traveled worldwide for over 22+ years in search of exotic tile and paver products to bring to the US and world markets. The “Stonehunter’s” hottest product, The Gothicstone Paver, is a natural Travertine, Marble, Zebstone or Limestone Paver, quarried, cut and antiqued in the Moroccan mountainside. Conforming to ASTM standards, it is twice the strength of concrete, has a high co-efficient of friction for a non-slip surface and is freeze/thaw compatible in all climates. Complete architectural fit-outs are our specialty; send us your drawings.
Frank Wall
Enterprises, LLC

(Pool & Site Products)
413 Wilkins Wise Road
Columbus, MS 39705
Frank Wall Enterprises, LLC
Frank Wall Enterprises, LLC

Throughout my more than 30 years in the swimming pool construction industry, I have always searched for unique products that made it easier to get the job done while offering clients the innovative options they deserve. I know my workers also appreciated having tools and products that helped them do their job better. In 2007, I decided to close my construction business and concentrated my time on product development and the marketing of products in the construction industry that you don’t normally find in your local construction supply house. I take pride in showcasing our great product offerings because I know what they can do for you every day on the job. I hope you will give Frank Wall Enterprises, LLC the opportunity to provide you with our proven expertise AND good service.
(Fence Systems)
130 West 700 South
Smithfield, UT 84335

At PrivacyLink®, we have been designing, fabricating and offering well-built fence systems since 1995. We may be among the new kids on the block, but we certainly have built a strong reputation by offering long-term relationships based on trust and integrity. Our decorative privacy fence slats, that can either be woven into the chain link or inserted into previously installed chain link fence, and chain link fence with "pre-woven" privacy slats, are fabricated in our modern facilities in Cache Valley, Utah. We employ skilled craftsmen who take the highest quality raw materials and fabricate or assemble them into our high-quality fence products.



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