DOWNSPOUT BOOTS's downspout boots’ contoured design is engineered for superior hydraulic conveyance and consistent flow capacity from the top bell into the soil pipe, directing the flow of water away from the building and into the drainage system. Design flaws such as sharp angles, outlet choke points and poor directional flow transitions lead to flow inefficiencies and clogging. Inefficient flow or clogging of a downspout boot increases the likelihood water leakage near the building foundation. J.R. Hoe downspout boots are designed for superior performance in the field.
(Iron Downspout Boots)
101 Ironwood Road Middlesboro, KY 40965 800.245.5521's cast iron downspout boots are fully resistant to damage by impact and will maintain their original appearance for the life of the building. Cast iron downspout boots ensure that the bottom section of a sheet metal downspout is protected from impact in areas subjected to vehicular traffic, lawn equipment and in public areas such as hospitals or schools. The unsurpassed material strength of cast iron guarantees a product that will provide superior protection with no risk of being dented, scarred or broken. While plastic connections break easily and fabricated steel versions are prone to denting and joint failure, J.R. Hoe cast iron downspout boots are the market leaders in durability.

(Iron Downspout Boots)
101 Ironwood Road Middlesboro, KY 40965 800.245.5521

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