Syrup kettles, such as those offered by, are cast iron relics of old farms and plantations in the south. They were used to boil down sugar cane juice, to render syrup, so originally they had fire under them. They were multi faceted: Many farmers scalded hogs in them at butchering time. They make great planters, fountain bases and firepits.
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We don't cast our syrup kettles. These are original, from some foundries that predate the Civil War and ran up to the depression when they went out of business. Most are over 100 years old. Fabulous as fountain bases, firepits, or planters, the kettles come in four basic sizes, 50 gallon, 60G, 80G, 100G, dimensionally 48-60 inches in diameter. Some carry foundry marks including the Georgia cities of Columbus, Savannah, and Macon, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some are plain and have no marks at all. All are catalogued with pictures, provenance and dimensions online under the "inventory" tab. Spend time on our "portfolio" tabs to see what other clever landscape architects have done. Soup to nuts, provides full service including nationwide shipping.

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